James McMahon

James McMahon

Versatile product focused software engineer. Full time nerd.

Open Source

Given a choice, I would love all my work to be open source. Luckily I've had the opportunity to do some open source professional work in addition to my personal projects.

  • Entitas 2D Roguelike

    A ground up rewrite of the Unity 2D Roguelike Tutorial redesigned to use the Entity component system (ECS) architectural pattern.

    I created this project as a proof of concept to see if ECS style games were a good fit for my work. Turns out they were and I ended up using this style of architecture in I, Falling Robot.

  • MachO

    A Ruby library for parsing Apple's Mach-O binaries.

    Used by the Skillz internally to id iOS binaries. I expanded and cleaned up this lib from an existing project and incorporated it into the Skillz Rails backend.

  • OpenBEL Cytoscape Plugin

    A plugin for the Cytoscape biological data visualizer.

    This is a tool I developed to give scientists a clear view of OpenBEL data. OpenBEL is Linux foundation backed open standard for sharing biological data.


Simply put, I love games. There are a large reason that I got into programming in the first place. In 2016 I fulfilled a life long dream and started my own game company.

I, Falling Robot

I, Falling Robot is a simple original mobile game that I designed and developed. I wanted to build something that took advantage of the natural input of modern smartphones, so the game uses the accelerometer coupled with tap and swipe motions for input.

BackBreaker 2: Tournament Edition

When Skillz partnered with Zynga we wanted to put our best foot forward and release a custom version of their successful BackBreaker titles. I was asked to take on the BackBreaker codebase and redesign it for competitive online play. This involved creating new game modes, introducing dynamic difficulty and redesigning the UI.

Sadly as of August 2016, this project is no longer available on the App Store due to circumstances beyond my control.